January Reset Experience

January 17th to 31st, The Reset Academy


Worried about sticking to your health goals for 2022?  Our step-by-step, 15-day guided program will make it easy for you!


You will learn how to:  

  • manage blood sugar effectively
  • lose weight and keep it off
  • increase energy and improve mental clarity
  • become metabolically flexible
  • create a fasting lifestyle tailored to you

"My mission is to end chronic disease through the principles of fasting.  You were born in a miracle, and I will show you how to tap into your body's natural healing power for a lifetime of good health."


 Dr. Mindy Pelz

Full Year Academy Membership PLUS the January Experience


One-Year of Access

  • Access January Reset Experience - Duo Program - for both beginner and experienced fasters
  • Access to the previous year's resets and ALL upcoming GUIDED RESETS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!
  • 16+ detailed courses tailored to meet your very specific health goals 
  • LIVE group coaching calls each month with Dr. Mindy
  • LIVE educational webinars with our special guests
  • LIVE HIIT workouts and Coffee Chats with Dr. Mindy and Paige
  • Recipe library with delicious recipes tailored to each eating style (carnivore, ketobiotic, autophagy… and more)
  • Reset Toolbox with over 40 downloadable resources
  • All three of Dr. Mindy's books (The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Factor Kitchen Cookbook)
  • Private Fast-Training Week off of social media (no ads, no noise!)
  • Thriving global community of Resetters just as dedicated to health as you are

Standalone Purchase for the 

January Experience only


One-Time Access

  • Access to our 15-Day January Reset Experience - Duo Program - for both beginner and experienced fasters
  • Motivational email videos from Dr. Mindy
  • 6 LIVE group coaching calls with Dr. Mindy and Paige
  • 1 LIVE Saturday HIIT training workout and coffee chat with Dr. Mindy
  • 1 LIVE Saturday HIIT training workout with Paige  
  • Recipes, 7-day meal plan, and shopping lists
  • Downloadable and printable eBook guides and resources
  • Thriving global community of Resetters doing this Reset right along with you, day-by-day

Read what Resetters are saying...

Cathleen N.

I did it! I finished my first reset and stuck to the macros and fasting times and haven't had any alcohol. I feel amazing! I'm sleeping better (3 yrs of Peri menopausal sleep deprivation), I have more energy during the day, my stomach issues are gone, my pants fit better, and I'm down 9 lbs. I learned so much about myself and my relationship to food.

Maria C.

I am also completely blown away by what the Reset Academy has to offer and really enjoy the way everything is put together. I have learnt so much listening to Dr. Mindy and watching her videos while having fun and feeling super supported by the team
and this community.

I feel so energetic since starting the Reset (lost 4kg/8,8lbs) and will definitely join the next Reset in January.

Anita C.

We have been celebrating Diwali this weekend and it has not been possible for me to fast at long lengths max 15-16 hours but I will try and follow on days when I can. This course has taught me many valuable things and the wonderful news is that even though I have been eating my weight has been consistent! So back on track coming week I hope. Thank you Dr. Mindy for all your advise.

About Dr. Mindy

Dr. Mindy Pelz, D.C is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, nutrition and functional health expert who has spent over two decades helping thousands of people successfully reclaim their health.

She is a recognized leader in the alternative health field and a pioneer in the fasting movement, teaching the principles of a fasting lifestyle, diet variation, detox, hormones, and more.

Her popular YouTube channel (which just celebrated 18 million lifetime views) regularly updates followers on the latest science-backed tools and techniques to help them reset their health.

She is the host of one of the leading science podcasts, The Resetter Podcast, and the author of three best-selling books; The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen.

Dr. Mindy has appeared on national shows like Extra TV and has been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Well + Good, SHEknows, Healthline, and more.

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